If you think people should be able
to plant the seeds of liberty

support this mission.

CRYPTO money

Arrr address:


XMR address:


Exchange it into monero here or here or here or here. All without KYC.

Whatever coin are you willing to donate, exchange it into privacy coin first please. There is list of no-KYC exchanges. This and this are good.

FIAT money

In person:

Look for local crypto community groups or meetups.

Crypto ATM:

Look where is the nearest Crypto ATM. Learn how to use them.

Local monero:

Via local monero. Take only offers with high customer saticfaction (min 200) and of course without KYC. Here is also overwiev of monero wallets.


BISQ is no-KYC/AML decentralised exchange for Fiat to Crypto.
Great written tutorial is here and video tutorial is here.

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