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You know the feeling when you see
how good people support evil things
and don't even know it.

They are not evil. Their opinions are based on misunderstanding.
You believe that if they saw the connections,
they would decide to stop supporting evil things.

But when you try to show them those connections, you've probably experienced some of these reactions:

He fatherly explained to you the basics of constitution and democracy with the belief that you still can be saved.

And what about..? Who will build the roads? He was not interested in the answers. He wanted you to realize what you subscribed to.

He listened to your words, understood the idea, asked and even agreed. But within a week it fell out of his head. Nothing has changed.

He is trying to ridicule and humiliate you. He lost self-asurance. His unshakable faith was shaken. He defends it by defeating you.

Wish there were a way to enable them to see it too.
To think about it. To reconsider own opinions.

You are in the right place.

Learn a new way how to talk to people who still believe in necessity of rulling class.
Learn how to have fruitful conversation that sparks their own desire/interest to seek answers to challenging/important questions. Here you learn how to start, where to go, how to lead it, what to do and what don't and how to deal with obstacles. You'll learn how to succesfully plant the seeds of liberty.

Properly planted seed germinates even in the soil soaked in statism.

Learn how to plant seeds of liberty...

when you want to react
at something you disagree

Fortunatelly, they outlawed it! Do he has any idea about consequences of it?

when you want to tell
somebody about it

Shall we go for a beer? yeah :) so tonight see you

opportunity is hidden everywhere

When does the next train leave? It’s a twenty-minute I could do that...

Imagine: help them see the true nature of statism could be as easy as to have short pleasant conversation about their beliefs.

Meet Bob and his co-workers.
Someone pick some recent topic usually at lunch break.

Bob tries almost everything, but nothing has meaningful impact.

Have you heard about that new government ban? Finally someone started doing something about it! !#[email protected]!! Bob

Fortunately he finds out and learns whole different approach how to have a fruitfull conversation with statists.

Now he knows:

  • how to start conversation
  • what to do and what not
  • where to lead it and how to get there
  • which questions to ask and when
  • how far we are and how much is left
  • when to end it for maximal impact

and he tried it... on his co-worker.

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Several question later she start to realize something that she never saw before, but allways was here.

That short conversation expands her own perception. She starts to see everything also through her own moral conscious.

She doesn't call it that way but she literally starts to see “true violent nature of the government.”

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Until she doesn't see it, it was ok. But now it's unbearable. Something has to change!

With this in her head, refreshed everyday, it's matter of several weeks till she reaches the point:
“Enough, there has to be better way..!”

Then she starts looking for ways how to stop support things that goes against her moral.

And this.. this is my dear begining of the end of statism.

Moreover, the effect is permanent. Like that lie about Santa Clause. As soon as one reveals the truth, there is no way back.

Come and learn it.

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After a few weeks, it is always clear how it grew.
They still discuss the same topics during the lunch break.

But now it has very pleasant mood. ;)

And as a bonus nobody knows that Bob isn't statist.
Now he knows how to plant seeds of liberty the right way.

Layer 1 Have you heard about that new government ban? Oh my God! What good do they want to destroy this time?! Bob

Trying to defeat statism and not knowing how...

is like trying to hammer nail with dish sponge.

...what about hammer?

Become successful in planting seeds of liberty.
That is my mission.

to make it happen.

Because what matters is mentality of the people.
If the tyrant gets big and bad and nasty to his victims,
in the long run what matters is not his nastiness...

..it's whether the people accept it.